Other videos

Project presentation by Áurea Domínguez in February 2022 at the Universida Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain


Project presentation video for the 2021 Meeting of the American Musical Instrument Society (AMIS

Project presentation for the American Musical Instrument Society 2021 Online Conference: An overview of the first year

Demonstration of FT49 Küss (2) tenoroon (Giovanni Battisa Graziadio, with Vincenzo Onida)

G. Ph. Telemann’s “Abscheuliche Tiefe des großen Verderbens”, TWV 1:1 – a performance featuring fagottino (Zoë Matthews)

“A taste of Beethoven with tenoroon”:  live performance of the second movement (Adagio) of Beethoven’s Trio for piano, flute, and bassoon, WoO 37

Casual trial of FT39 Scherer (5) 4-key fagottino (Waterhouse collection) by Zoë Matthews

Casual trial of FT38 Savary (8) tenoroon in F (Waterhouse collection) by Zoë Matthews

FT38 Savary 12