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Demonstration of

Demonstration of FT49 Küss (2)

Project presentation video for the 2021 Meeting of the American Musical Instrument Society (AMIS)

Project presentation for the American Musical Instrument Society 2021 Online Conference: An overview of the first year

Demonstration of FT49 Küss (2) tenoroon (Giovanni Battisa Graziadio, with Vincenzo Onida)

G. Ph. Telemann’s “Abscheuliche Tiefe des großen Verderbens”, TWV 1:1 – a performance featuring fagottino (Zoë Matthews)

“A taste of Beethoven with tenoroon”:  live performance of the second movement (Adagio) of Beethoven’s Trio for piano, flute, and bassoon, WoO 37

Casual trial of FT39 Scherer (5) 4-key fagottino (Waterhouse collection) by Zoë Matthews

Casual trial of FT38 Savary (8) tenoroon in F (Waterhouse collection) by Zoë Matthews

FT38 Savary 12