Instrument catalogue – fagottino/tenoroon

Multiple examples of smaller bassoons are represented in museums and collections in: Berlin, Boston, Brussels, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Hamamatsu (Japan), Leipzig, London, Munich, Newton Centre MA (USA), Oxford, Paris, Stockholm, with single instruments also located in Amsterdam, Bern, Biebrich, Collowhee NC (USA), Eisenach, Florence, Frankfurt, Halifax, Halle, Kassel, Kronach, Leeds, Madrid, Markneukirchen, Meiningen, Milano, Newton Centre MA (USA), Perth, Prague, Rome, Salzburg, St Petersburg, Stuttgart, The Hague, Tucson AZ (USA), Vermillion SD (USA), Vienna, Willisau, and Zürich.

Information was collected from museum collection catalogues, both printed and online, such as MIMO (, as well as from individual sources.

See INSTRUMENT MEASUREMENTS DATASETS – LINKS TO ZENODO for information about specific instruments: