Miscellaneous instruments

See “Datasets” for details about examined instruments

Terminology describing small-sized bassoons in both historical and modern sources, such as academic articles and museums catalogues is sometimes confusing and contradictory. While carrying out our research and looking for fagottino and tenoroons around the globe, we have occasionally encountered small-sized instruments resembling the bassoon, but not belonging directly to the bassoon family and therefore are not considered to be fagottini or tenoroons. In the Instrument Catalogue of Small-Sized Bassoons we have included some of these instruments as an example of instruments that at some point have been mistakenly referred to as ‘small-sized bassoons’ in catalogues, articles and other referenced sources. Furthermore, we have included a few noteworthy early-twentieth-century instruments, even if they extend beyond our initial time scope. The aim of this catalogue is to present a few relevant examples, together with some explanatory notes about their characteristics.

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